Cebu Ocean Park

Bird Feeding

Hand-feed our friendly and colorful Australian lorikeets!

Hand-feed tons of cute little rainbow lorikeets and watch them play around our big jungle space here in our Bird Feeding Program​​!


Rainbow Lorikeet Feeding Program

In the middle of our Jungle Trek lies a huge platform that stretches up towards the tip of the trees wherein guests can come up close with some of our resident Rainbow Lorikeets! Guests may opt to join the feeding program and feed these cute little lories on their own. Our lories are crazy over nectar and pollen. They also fly around freely in a huge space filled with greens and things to play with! 

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Here are some Rainbow Lorikeet facts:

  1. Lorikeets mainly feed on nectar and pollen.
  2. Their beaks aren't strong enough to peck on seeds and nuts.
  3. Lorikeets often congregate in trees and are considered as communal roosters.
  4. Lorikeets often chatter, whistle, and hiss to create many different sounds.
  5. These birds are known to be playful and can be usually seen hopping and swinging from perch to perch.​

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