Cebu Ocean Park


Cebu Ocean Park is a strong advocate of biodiversity conservation and marine education among the Filipino youth and educators.

A visit to Cebu Ocean Park can be a tool to further discuss concepts in biology and environment

Students will enjoy seeing various attractions featuring the rich biodiversity of the Philippines and other parts of the world. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about marine life, the world of reptiles and insects, see birds of prey fly, discover and be amazed with some species of jellyfish that can be found in our waters, learn about the intelligent sea lions, and a chance to see Humboldt penguins up-close.


A visit to the Oceanarium will encourage students to be more curious of their natural and physical environment. They will be able to see various marine creatures up-close that they commonly see in books, TV, or the internet. The tour is also an opportunity for them to practice their basic processing skills of observing, communicating, comparing, and classifying things around them.

Seeing and observing the living organisms on display is an opportunity for them to study the different behavior of various animals, observe patterns, and ask meaningful, scientific questions. Students will be provided with guide sheets that will give them bits of information about some of the featured animals and their adaptation, how changes in the environment affect its habitat and survival.

Apart from being able to observe the live displays up-close, they will be able to learn more about the science concepts and processes involved in running an Oceanarium. It will give them an opportunity to ask scientific questions, to learn more about  nthropological factors that impact the environment and how they can make intelligent choices in terms of taking care of the environment and their natural resources.

Cebu Ocean Park aims to support the Department of Education’s K to 12 Basic Education Program through its various attractions and hands-on activities.

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