Cebu Ocean Park

Terms & Conditions

Voucher is valid only at:

    • Jungle Trek

    • Creepy Critters

    • Seven Seas

    • Lorries

    • Stingray Interaction

    • Oceanarium

    • Main Tank Gallery

  • One (1) voucher is valid for one (1) person only. 

  • Present the following at the redemption booth located at the park entrance to claim your ticket:


For Buyer:

  • Present Actual Credit Card or Photocopy of Credit Card (FRONT only)
  • Photocopy of valid ID
  • Printed Voucher

For Relatives or Friends of Buyer (given as a gift):

  • Photocopy of Credit Card (FRONT only)
  • Photocopy of valid ID of the buyer and claimant
  • Authorization letter
  • Printed Voucher
  • Redemption booth is open daily, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Ticket is valid only on the date of redemption and for SINGLE-ENTRY only.

  • No reservation or advance booking required.

  • Children two (2) feet and below are free of charge.

  • Price is net of all taxes.

  • Cebu Ocean Park will not allow ticket refunds. However, a change in schedule may be entertained.

  • Cebu Ocean Park will not be liable for any lost or stolen ticket or item belonging to the guest.

  • Cebu Ocean Park will not be liable for any injury due to negligence.


To our guests,

Management would like to give you a safe and enjoyable experience at Cebu Ocean Park. With this, we would like to ask for your help to make this happen.


Park Rules & Guidelines

1.       All guests entering the park are subject to all the policies and guidelines set forth by Cebu Ocean Park.

2.       Entry into the park is only possible with a valid ticket. Guests must be able to present their ticket upon request.

3.       Children below twelve (12) years of age MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please do not leave your children unattended.

4.       Cebu Ocean Park will not be liable for any injury due to negligence.


5.       Bags and other belongings may be subject to a security check at the point of admission to the Park. Cebu Ocean Park reserves the right to prohibit any of the following inside the Park:

6.   Insofar as permissible by applicable law, Cebu Ocean Park shall not assume any liability and is fully and effectively indemnified for any damage or loss of the property or belongings of any guest, costs, claims, demands, actions, legal and other professional fees and expenses.


7.       As courtesy to fellow Park goers, guests are requested to maintain proper decorum and refrain from conducting obscene or lewd gestures within Park premises. Likewise, running, horseplay, pushing, and other inappropriate behaviors shall be prohibited.


8.        Cebu Ocean Park reserves the right to ask a guest to leave the Park without refund due to unsafe, illegal, or offensive behavior, and failure to comply with any Park rules which ensures safety, security and order.


9.       For the health and safety of our animals, flash photography, touching, feeding, or grabbing are strictly prohibited. Guests may only touch & feed the animals in designated feeding areas under direct supervision of the Cebu Ocean Park staff.


10.       Occasionally, due to severe weather conditions, shows and activities may need to be delayed or suspended. Cebu Ocean Park reserves the right to a NO REFUND POLICY. However, guests may use their attraction tickets for another day or show schedule.


11.       Cebu Ocean Park reserves the right to cancel, re-schedule, or change the operating hours due to technical maintenance, special events, inclement weather, and acts of God, as it deems necessary for service improvement, and the safety of the guests and staff.