The ABCs of Lories

Lo and behold, one of the cheekiest and most colorful parrot species there is – the Rainbow Lorikeet! This playful bird carelessly flaunts a multicolored plumage that matches some of the colors of the rainbow; hence, the name! Along with its vibrantly colored feathers is a bright red beak and a brush-like tongue to help it feed on its favorite food which are nectar and pollen. Now, Cebu Ocean Park brings you these bubbly feathered friends; as well as the chance to feed them by hand!

However, there are still some ground rules once you’re in our Lory Loft. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:


DON’T pick up the little lories.

Picking up or grabbing the Rainbow Lorikeets is strictly prohibited. The park, however, allows you to touch and feed them.



DO handle them with care.

These birds trust you enough to go near you. However, they are highly delicate so please handle them with care!


DON’T force them for a pretty photo.

Rash movements and noise are highly discouraged. You’re only gonna end up scaring them away.


DO let them perch on you on their own.

Allow them to go near you at their own pace and discretion. Once they’re perched on or near you, you can take as many photos as you want!


DON’T feed them anything aside from the Park-prepared nectar.

Feeding them other food aside from nectar may damage their highly sensitive beak and brush-like tongue.


DO feed them Park-prepared nectar.

The only thing you’re allowed to feed them is the nectar prepared by the park.


DON’T tease or trick the birds with food. 

Offering your hand makes them think you’re feeding them. Teasing the bird with food is also not allowed.


DO let them eat peacefully. 

If you have nectar, just let them eat peacefully without disturbing them. Nobody likes to be disturbed while eating.


DON’T be rowdy in our Lory Loft.

Aside from scaring the birds, you might ruin other people’s chance of feeding them. Of course, you don’t want to stand in the way of people’s precious moments in our Lory Loft!


DO mind one’s manners and behave properly.

Observe proper conduct and be sensitive to the birds, as well as the people around you. Once you do, you’d be able to make the most out of your Lory Loft trip, and most especially, your Cebu Ocean Park journey!

To learn more about Cebu Ocean Park and our Rainbow Lorikeets, visit this link.

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