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Attractions and Educational Displays

Fun for everyone

Jungle trek

Begin your journey at Jungle Trek! Be fascinated with the role of freshwater faunas to the habitat’s life cycle and discover the interconnectedness of inland waters such as rivers and lakes to the ocean ecosystem.

Creepy Critters

They may be cold-blooded, but never cold-hearted! Greetings from Creepy Critters! Get up close with the most misunderstood creatures from venomous snakes, colorful dart frogs to tiny insects. Learn more about these often feared upon animals and discover their role and importance in the ecosystem.

Lorries Loft

Built like a giant bird’s nest, Lory Loft is our very own walk-in flight aviary. This feeding tower reaches right into the middle of the aviary and gives a 360-degree view of the area. This soaring structure is home to over 3 species of gloriously-colored lories and lorikeets.

Seven Seas

Welcome to the high seas! C​oral reefs are some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world, housing tens and thousands of marine species. Catch a glimpse of the colorful world of reef-dwelling fishes from all over the Philippines as you explore the Seven Seas!

Bird Show

Our fine feathered friends provide awesome tricks, amazing stunts, guest participation and an important environmental message for its audience. These intelligent birds consist of macaws, cockatoos, and provide remarkable showmanship and high-flying thrills.


Dive deep into the blue through a stunning underwater walkway that will lead you to a breathtaking ​360-degree viewing tunnel and come face to face with the world’s most amazing aquatic species. Fully immerse yourself in the largest and deepest Oceanarium in the Philippines And experience the incredible diversity of the Philippine waters.

Main Tank Gallery

Discover what’s truly under the sea! Set against a dramatic backdrop of a sunken ship, the main tank gallery has an impressive depth of 7.2meters. Sit on the bleachers and watch the creatures of the deep swim by.

Gift Shop

Take home a souvenir from the Cebu Ocean Park Gift Shop, open all park hours until the last guest exits the park. Plush animals, toys, apparel, gifts, books and more await!

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